10 Essential Benefits Of Study Groups

Education often looks like competition. Students compete for entrance into school, and for grades when they are in school. As a result, it is easy to overlook the power of cooperation.ย Group discussion on study is essential for effective learning. In group discussion learning is shared and student participating in discussion are benefited. The following 10 advantages will help you get more from your study group, and view it in a positive way.


1. Solution To Procrastination.

Sinceย study groups meet at regular times, attending students cannot procrastinate.ย If alone, a student might postpone studying until the night before class. When in a study group, however, students have to be present at a specific time, and they are not able to procrastinate, unless they skip the study group completely.

2. Learn Faster.

Working together, students in study groups can generally learn faster than students working alone. Some part of the textbook that seems completely confusing to you could be quite clear to another student. In a study group, instead of spending valuable time puzzling over the difficulty, you can learn quickly by simply asking a question.

3. You Get New Perspectives.

If you study by yourself, you will always see your material from the same perspective ย– yours.ย While this may not be a problem, getting fresh perspectives on a topic can help you learn it more thoroughly.ย As you listen and ask questions, you will soon start noticing a wide variety of different viewpoint on the same idea.

4. Learn New Study Skills.

Each student develops his own particular study methods. While yours may work excellently, you probably can still find ways to improve your learning abilities and sharpen your mind.ย By joining a study group, you will have opportunity to observe a wide variety of study methods in action.

5. Breaks The Monotony.

Studying by yourself, especially for long periods of time, can become a monotonous activity.ย However, by joining a study group, you can break this monotonyย… and learn faster!ย Because of the social aspect of a study group, you will always have someone to discuss the topic with when you start struggling or find the topic tedious.

6. Fill In Learning Gaps.

Study groups provide an excellent opportunity to fill in gaps in your notes.ย By comparing notes with other students, you can evaluate your accuracy, fix any errors, and get ideas for better note taking.ย If, on the other hand, you are a great note taker, you can help other students who had note taking problems fix their mistakes and learn better techniques.

7. Practice Tor The Real World.

Working with your peers in a study group gives you an excellent opportunity to hone your people skills.ย After you finish college, you will often find yourself working with colleagues on projects in a very similar group dynamic.

8. It Enhances Your Learning.

Your friends may have learnt a topicย  well comparatively. When you discuss it with them, you learn these points as well. Similarly you may have learnt some points in a topic which theyย may have missed, so they alsoย learn it in discussion. In this way the learning is shared and you are benefited.

9. It Rectifies Your Mistakes.

You may learn something wrong. You may make a wrong concept about a topic which you think is correct. When you share it in discussion, you come to know that it is wrong. In this way, your wrong concept are rectified. If you donโ€™t discusses it group, you may write this wrong concept even in exam and get less marks for it.

10. Youย Improve Your Communication Skills.

By participating in group discussions you can improve your communication skills. In this way it prepares you for oral exams and interviews as well.

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