10 Organizations That Will Fund You To Start A Business In Africa

Are you an investor or entrepreneur looking to invest or start a business in any of the African countries? We all know that it is not an easy thing to do. The most difficult aspect of it is the capital, more specially when you want to do a big venture. But do not despair, where there is a will there is a way. The list of following organization will help fund any startup in Africa.


1. Acumen Fund.

Acumen is a charity organisation incorporated in 2001 with seed capital fromΒ the Rockefeller Foundation, Cisco Systems Foundation and three individualΒ philanthropists. Acumen is always looking for entrepreneurs who have new and innovativeΒ models for tackling poverty. In October 2014, theyΒ announced a $1.4 million investment in SolarNow, aΒ company that sells and finances solar home systems in Uganda.

2.Β African Development Foundation.

The African Development Foundation (ADF) is an independent Federal agencyΒ of the United States government that was established to support African-ledΒ development that grows community enterprises by providing seed capital andΒ technical support.Β USADF connects community enterprises with capital and technical support. ItΒ helps organizations and businesses in Africa to create and sustain jobs.

3.Β Africa Media Ventures Fund.

AMVF mobilizes capital and experience in the Netherlands to invest inΒ entrepreneurs in the media sector and small and medium-sized African mediaΒ companies.Β It offers a combination of venture capital and business development support,Β involving knowledge, experience, access to proven business concepts andΒ network.

4.Β African Women’s Development FundΒ (AWDF).

The AWDF is the first pan-African women’s grant maker in Africa. Since theΒ start of its operations in 2001, AWDF has provided US$17 million in grants toΒ 800 women’s organizations in 42 African countries.Β In addition to raising money and awarding grants,Β the AWDF will attempt to strengthen the organisational capacities of itsΒ grantees.

5.Β Bamboo Finance.

Bamboo Finance is a commercial private equity firm specializing in investing inΒ business models that benefit low-income communities in emerging markets. ItΒ has offices in Luxembourg, Geneva, Bogota, Nairobi and Singapore.Β Launched in 2007, the firm seeks to demonstrate that private capital can be
profitably deployed as a tool for effective change around the world.

6.Β CAF.

Founded in 1924, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a charity organisationΒ based in the United Kingdom and manages over Β£3 billion on behalf of charitiesΒ worldwide.Β Through CAF Venturesome, the social investment arm of the organisation, itΒ provides affordable financial support to charities, social enterprises andΒ community groups when grants may not be available and access to traditional
financial institutions is difficult.

7.Β Echoing Green.

Since its founding in 1987 by the leadership and investment of the leadingΒ global growth equity firm, General Atlantic, Echoing Green has provided moreΒ than 600 social entrepreneurs working in sixty countries with $36 million inΒ start-up funding, customized support services, and access to a global network.

8.Β eVA Fund.

The eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) was launched in January 2010 and isΒ dedicated to mobilizing capital and experience in the Netherlands/Europe to invest in small and medium-sized African internet related companies.Β eVA Fund exclusively provides funding to startups in sub-Saharan Africa. Some
of its investments include: Nomanini, Verviant, Umuntu Media, and MoboFree.

9.Β Ford Foundation.

Established in 1936, The Ford Foundation provides grants to organizations inΒ the United States, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Since itsΒ founding, the Ford Foundation has distributed more than $16.3 billion in grantsΒ worldwide.

10.Β Fanisi Venture Capital Fund.

Fanisi Venture Capital Fund is a $50M fund which makes direct investments
(private equity and venture capital) in businesses with potential for substantial
growth. Fanisi Capital was founded in 2009 by the Norwegian Investment Fund
for Developing Countries (Norfund) and Amani Capital Limited.
Some of its investments in Africa include: Hillcrest International Schools
(Kenya), Sophar Pharmaceuticals (Rwanda), Ngare Narok Meat Industries
(Kenya) and Haltons Pharmacy (Kenya) among others.

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