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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Resego Motlhokathari

For someone who has not met him, they will easily think Resego is an old chum courtesy of the music and content on his show.Β His soothing voice plus the mellow songs he jams are exactly the remedy that your musical Doctor prescribed. This young man is quickly making a name for himself in our entertainment industry. Take time to know more about this rising star.


1. Resego Motlhokathari is a 25 year old young talented man, who comes from Hebron village.

2. He had his first break in the media when he joined Duma FM as a freelance talk show host, for The Flight.

3. In 2013 he showed us his face in his first television gig as a presenter of the popular music talent show, My Star.

4. His talent was soon realized by RBII, and was called to presentΒ Sunday Ballads, a show that was previously hosted by the late Kago Setshogo.

5. Resego’s is purely talented and wasΒ named as one of the top 10 best radio presenters of 2015.

6. His good looks has earned him quite a following with the ladies, boasting a Facebook page of over 50 000 followers.

7. Not only is he a great entertainer, he is a motivational speaker who always takes time to dish relationship advice on his page.

8. He says that the people that inspired him to be on radio areΒ  Emmanuel β€˜Emmax’ Letshwiti and Gloria Kgosi.

9. Resego works as a recruitment and training coordinator at Mascom which is also one of the main sponsors of My Star Show.

10. Not wasting his good looks, ResegoΒ is also a freelance model who is not tied to any modeling agency in the country.

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