10 Ways To Prepare For A New Job

Normally when a fresh year starts, most companies restructure and sometimes hire for new personnel. If you are going to be starting a new job soon, congratulations.Β Starting a new job requires some preparation and lifestyle changes. A lot of people look at getting the job offer as the finish line, but really it’s the start of another run. Consider the following tips to help you settle in.


1. Separate Your Personal And Professional Lives.

Once you’re settled in, avoid making personal calls, sending personal emails or taking long lunch breaks. Show that you are dedicated to your new job and that you want to be there. If you have nothing to do, offer to take on another task or help a colleague who looks overloaded. Not only will you impress the boss, but the days will fly by.

2. Behave As If You’re Still Being Interviewed.

Once you’re hired it’s natural to feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s easy to assume you belong.Β After all, they hired you, right? You’re awesome! And the company is brilliant for having recognized your awesomeness.Β Now you need to prove you deserve it.Think of your first thirty to ninety days as an extended interview.

3. Have A Good Attitude Towards Your Manager.

Yes, in theory, your manager gets to tell you what to do. In practice, that’s probably not why she hired you.Β Here’s a better approach: Your manager has things she needs to get done. See your job as helping her get those things done. The more you help her achieve her goals and targets the more highly you will be valued.

4. Be Confident.

Don’t be narcissistic, but show your colleagues that you deserve to be there. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, and believe in your ability to succeed in your new position. One way to exhibit confidence: invite your colleagues to lunch. This tactic shows that you aren’t the typical quiet new employee.

5. Go The Extra Mile Early And Often.

Early on you probably don’t have all the skills you need. You probably don’t have all the experience. You probably don’t have all the contacts and connections.Β But you can have the willingness to work extremely hard.Work hard and everyone around you will forgive a certain lack of skill and experience.

6. Be Innovative.

From day one, confirm that you bring something new to the table. If this applies to your new position, be sure to offer your boss or colleagues ideas for how to enhance the product or company. Most young professionals in a new job take the back seat the first few days, be different, jump in.


7. Stand Out.

Work hard to be known for something specific. Be known for responding more quickly or following up first or always offering to help before you’re asked. Be the leader known for turning around struggling employees or creating the biggest pool of promotable talent or building bridges between different departments.

8. Create Your Own Project.

Succeeding and even excelling at the projects you’re assigned is expected. Excelling at a project you create yourself is exceptional.Β The key is to take personal risk with a new project.Β You don’t have to wait to be asked. You don’t have to wait to be assigned. Pick a side project where, if you fail, there’s no harm and no foul, and take your shot.

9. Find People To Help.


You can start helping people now. If you see someone struggling and you don’t know what to do, say, β€œI’m new so you may have to tell me what to do… but I would love to help you.” If you’re in a meeting and someone else was assigned a seemingly overwhelming project, stop by later and ask if you can help. Even if you’re not taken up on it, the offer will likely be appreciated.


10. Never Forget Why You Were Hired.

Yes, you want to learn and grow. Yes, you want to build a career. Yes, you want to feel happy and fulfilled.Β And yes, you were hired to help advance the goals and mission of the company.Β It’s possible to fulfill your goals and the company’s goals. Make sure you do. That way you and the company win.

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