10 Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

It’s summertime and the living is easy, but this also means the season’s harsh sun is beaming down on your skin. Botswana summer is not that kind, our skin can never get used to it. Use the following tips to protect your skin, while enjoying summer.


1.Β Protect Your Pout

Believe me, no one loves dry lips. To keep your lips moisturized, invest in a lip balm, consider lip balm over gloss for the summer, as balms tend to hydrate more and stay on longer. Constantly apply after a few hours, mostly when you are outdoors.

2. Use Sunscreen Religiously

It’s not enough to just apply sunscreen. You must apply enough, and apply frequently. Β  Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should. So For a day in the park, or the beach, pack sunscreen.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and dizzy spells! Β If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must triple the amount of water you drink!

4. Wear Hats

When you spend most of your time outdoors, protect yourself from direct sun rays by wearing a hat. Hats never go out of style, and come in different shapes and forms to suit your personal style.

5. Exfoliate For Clearer, Smoother Skin

Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

6. Sweat It Out

In addition to the obvious physical benefits, your fitness routine is a beauty ritual. Sweat, your body’s natural response to exercise, is a brilliant elixir that regulates your body temperature, releases trace amount of toxins, and loosens dirt in your pores .

7. Snack On Fruits And Vegetables

When it comes to your body, Mother Nature knows best! Seasonal summer foods like watermelon, leafy greens, and berries have a higher concentration of water to help you stay hydrated in the heat.

8.Β Stay Out Of The Sun Between 10 am And 3 pm

The hottest part of the day during the summer is the most damaging time. Don’t stay out in the sun for long periods of time around the hottest hours; the longer you’re outside, the longer your skin is exposed to the radiation. Get your exercise and activities done in the earlier, cooler hours, or in the later, cooler hours of the day.

9.Β Substitute Sunbathing With AΒ Tan

SunbathingΒ increases your chances of damaging your skin and getting skin cancers. Moreover, sunbathing will add a good 20 years to your age by dehydrating and wrinkling your skin. A fake tan is ideal.

10.Β Rinse Skin After Swimming.

This is especially important when you’ve been swimming in chlorinated environments as theΒ chlorineΒ can dry out your skin and for some people it can even result in an allergic reaction. BesidesΒ it’s a lot nicer to smell neutral rather than of chlorine!

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