19 Year Old Daniel Dube Has Created An App About The History Of Botswana

One of the 2016 pillars was for us to be a creative and an innovative nation. Well we have achieved that to a certain degree with some Batswana thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh technology initiatives. One such is 19 year old Daniel DubeΒ whoΒ has built an app that givesΒ users an opportunity to learn about the country’s history and appreciate its beauty.


In his platform, people can share historical moments that have taken place over the years from the time our country obtained independence until today.Β The app alsoΒ allows users to post images and video and to share their experiences. ThisΒ platform does not only connect people, but it can also be used as a platformΒ to document Botswana’s history

The Kgolagano app, which is available on Google Play, celebrates the country’s 50 years of independence. Β Kgolagano is a social network that exists to promote the beauty and grandeur of Botswana and beyond. It is a platform that allows users to create an archive of artistic appeals and insights of Africa, its people, traditions and lifestyle, industries and infrastructure, food and fashion essentially all that makes Africa.

Access the app here—>

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