5 Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

5 Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

Having a bad breath can be so frustrating and can even kill your self confidence.ย The reality is that bad breath can be caused by some health conditions, foods and even habits and it is necessary to always take extra care of your oral health.

Below are some tips you can use to ensure your mouth stays fresh;

1. Salt Water Gargle

You might also find a salt water gargle to be useful as this combination helps eliminate bacteria from your throat and tonsils. Himalayan Crystal salt is recommended.

2. Drink More Water

Many people drink far too little water throughout the day to ward off the bacteria in the mouth that are most responsible for causing bad breath. Tiny microbes in the mouth actually feed on loose food particles throughout the day, releasing odor-causing byproducts that end up stinking up breath. And all-natural saliva, it turns out, is your body’s built-in remedy for eliminating these bacteria.

It is possible for chronic dry dry mouth conditions to play a part in the development of bad breath. Dry mouth is caused by the decomposition of dead cells in your mouth and on your tongue. This decomposition results in an unpleasant door.

But in order for your body to produce enough bacteria-fighting saliva, you must be drinking plenty of clean, fluoride-free water throughout the day. Since saliva is full of oxygen, bacteria have a much harder time surviving because they require low-oxygen environments in order to thrive. Saliva also contains natural enzymes that help stimulate the production of antibodies that neutralize bacteria, which end up getting eliminated when you swish with water, mouthwash, or other oral hygiene products.

3. Raid the spice Shelf

Clovesย are rich in eugenol, a potent antibacterial. Simplyย pop one into your mouth and dent it with your teeth. The pungent aromatic oil may burn slightly, so keep thatย spicyย nub moving. Continue to bite until the essence permeates your mouth, then spit it out. Donโ€™t use clove oil or powdered cloves; theyโ€™re too strong and can cause burns.Chew onย fennel,ย dill,ย cardamom, orย anise seeds. Anise, which tastes like black licorice, can kill the bacteria that grow on the tongue. The others can help mask the odour of halitosis.Suck on a stick ofย cinnamon. Like cloves, cinnamon is effective as an antiseptic.

4. Brush your tongue

ย The bacteria that cause bad breath are often found on the topside of your tongue. If you can see a white coating on your tongue, you should remove this debris with a tongue cleaner.

5. Peppermintย essentialย oil

For bad breath, try gargling withย peppermint oil,ย a potent anti-microbialthat kills off harmful bacteria and leaves the breath fresh. Mix 1-2 drops with water and swish the mixture around your mouth for 30 seconds.

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