5 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover

5 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover

It is that time of the year again where even people who have barely touched alcohol the whole year just drink beyond limits. It is always fun to drink yourself to a pulp but the worst thing about drinking is having to wake up with a terrible hangover that just wont go away.

Worse than feeling awful, hangovers can actually wreak havoc on your immune system, digestive track and organ function.

Hangovers happen when our already overburdened livers struggle to clear out the excessive amount of toxins and chemicals ingested from too much alcohol. Our blood sugar dips. Our bodies are dehydrated, and overall fatigue takes over. Basically, you are creating a toxic internal environment and your body is letting you know.

Below are some natural remedies for that hangover;

Drink Water

It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re drinking alcohol. That means drinking plenty of water between cocktails. If you bypass that rule and wake up groggy the next morning, drink up to rehydrate and flush the impurities from your system.

Drink Other Fluids, Too

Remember: Water isn’t enough. You need to drink electrolyte-rich fluids, too — like sports drinks, coconut water, or bouillon soup — that can restore the salt and potassium you’ve lost.

Grease Up Before You Go

One longstanding folk remedy is to take a spoonful of olive oil before a party. Some swear by it. Eating a pizza or other fatty foodhas the same effect. Both are said to grease the intestines so the alcohol takes longer to absorb.

Fill Up The Morning After

Eat breakfast. Electrolytes in food help replenish a dehydrated system and get calories back into your body. But go easy. While a greasy meal before drinking may help, a hangover needs foods that are easy to digest, like toast and cereal. Some believe that eating burnt toast will help, with the charred carbon crust filtering out impurities much like a carbon water filter. But there’s no research to back it up.

Consume Sugar While You’re Drinking

Studies show that fructose may speed alcohol metabolism, thus reducing the risk of a hangover. It’s important to eat sugar while you’re drinking, not before, since fructose metabolizes quickly. Try plain orange juice between cocktails.

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