5 Secret Traits of Stingy Men To look Out For

5 Secret traits of stingy men  to look out for. Being involved romantically with someone involves a lot of elements that form the foundation  of the relationship however financial strength is right at the top of the list with love. You may fall in the hands of a not-so giving man and here are ways to detect if he is a stingy character;

1.His ideal date is at home- Its easier to just catch a movie at home over a cup of tea and snacks without β€˜mixing with crowds’ of people he might say. But the real reason is it’s pocket friendly as he does not spend a cent on outdoor activities.

2.Everything about him is cheap- This does not mean he should rock up in Louis Vuitton all the time but there is always something about his preferred shopping outlets and financial literacy that will let in on his stingy character.

3.Never contributes for anything- Well, nothing in monetary value that is. Your partner will probably offer his backyard at the very least before he can put money on the table for a session with you or the boys.

4.Open to giving a fixed amount when requested- He will never give you a dime extra on top of what you have already asked for. Sometimes the best they can do is meet you half-way and you have to figure out where to get the rest of the money.

5.Is a firm believer that holidays are reserved for the rich- never thinks to save for a holiday retreat or β€˜baecation’.

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