5 Ways To Make Extra Income While Still Studying

Being a student especially at tertiary level can be a bit frustrating. there are just so many responsibilities and the money is just never enough because there is a lot to pay for.

Below are few tips that can help you pocket some extra cash while still studying.

  1. Tutoring

    Tutoring children or even fellow peers, if you are extremely confident with your abilities and knowledge, can prove to be a steady source of income.

The bonus point is that by teaching other people, your own knowledge and communication skills will improve considerably..

2. Baby sitting

If you have a few afternoons free and the patience of a saint, babysitting is a viable option to earn some extra cash.

Contact parents in and around your neighbourhood, especially new parents, and offer to babysit their kids.

After a few successful babysitting sessions, you may even ask them to spread the word to their friends so that more people will know.

You can even ask your peers for contacts to expand your clientele.

3.Try Blogging

Use sites such as Blogger, Weebly or WordPress to blog and write about things that interest you.

Travel, fashion, food, current affairs and photography blogs are received well.

The more popular you get, the more money you can earn.

Activating Google Adsense for your blog will help feature relevant ads on your blog page and pay you according the number of people who click on the ads that were broadcast on your blog site.

4.Use your talents

use the pent up creativity within you and try to make and sell custom products.

Starting a shop with new or unique items might lead you to earn some money.

Things like custom designed key chains, photo frames, handmade bags, candles and even food and bakery products sell fast.

Start small by selling to your friends or local stores and spread the word around your college/ school.

You may go a step higher andΒ invent something new.

Granted that not everyone will be able to do this and it might take ages to even come up with a good idea.

Still, it will be worth the shot.

5.Buy and sell

There are always stores that sell a lot of stuff in bulk at affordable prices and buying to sell ca be a great idea to start making some extra cash.





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