An Unemployed Young Man Gets Arrested For Protesting In Front Of Parliament

A very brave young man put his security on the line when he decided to sensitize the powers that be on the issue of unemployment. He took a cardboard and wrote on it these words in bold: “IT’S ENOUGH, WE WANT JOBS NOT BOT50 UNEMPLOYMENT MOVEMENT! He was then arrested for charges still unknown.


He madeΒ a very humble plea to the decision makers that there really is no need to be misusing funds on things that aren’t benefiting the country, but he got more than he bargained for.Β Thousands of his peers are roaming the streets looking for jobs, that are not even there. Truth ought to be told,Β it’s important to celebrate the country’s independence yes, and 50 years is a huge piece in the cake, but these celebrations are are given too much money and attention,and they benefit only the elite.

Youth there is no red carpet towards achieving our demands we need to make sure we make it for ourselves. YoungΒ educated people should also utilize their skills not be employed by the government but rather to form sectors that diversify the economy. We hope all goes well for this young man,who represent many young people in a similar situation.

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