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Kaone Kario’s Iman Campaign Poster At The David Bowie Memorial!

Over weeks after the announcement of David Bowie’s death, the makeshift shrine in central Brixton continues to attract a steady stream of visitors. Some leave flowers or mementos, some write messages on the walls or draw tributes, some sing Bowie songs, while others just take in the sight in quiet contemplation. One poster that captures attention, is of our very own Kaone kario.


Kaone Kario ‘s Iman campaign poster is standing tall by the David Bowie memorial in Brixton. This is the new Iman (Bowie’s wife) alter ego ad campaign. Kaone has for a long time showed her pretty face in Iman beauty products. Her big break showed up in the form of a continent wide model search called Face of Africa.

London was her first exposure to a global fashion market and this initial experience was tremendous, with her booking countless shows in 2007 London Fashion week. In 2011, Kaone moved to New York City on a modelling contract with agency giant, Wilhelmina.

We are proud of you Kaone.

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