10 Major Reasons Men Hate Going To The Doctor

Some people find visits to the doctor too uncomfortable or too time-consuming, and they put off making an appointment. Men in particular do not like going to the doctor, no matter how sick they are. What is it about guys and going to the doctor? Men areΒ less likely than women to regularly visit a medical professional. The following reasons will help us understand why men are so reluctant when it comes to health issues.


1. They Don’t Think Anything Is Wrong.

No nagging pains, no skyrocketing fever and nothing that a couple ibuprofen couldn’t fix. Why get someone to fix what isn’t broken? A man will always think that way when in pain. That can-do attitude is great for lots of things but not for your health. Many of the problems that affect men’s health the most are only detectable by a medical professional.

2. They’re Worried About Change.

It’s true that a visit to your doctor might involve a conversation about what habits need to change in order for you to live a healthier life. What isn’t true is that this conversation has to be a bad thing. A change to your lifestyle might be as simple and enjoyable as a few more games of pickup basketball with the guys or a ballroom dance class with your partner. You never know until you ask your doctor.

3. It’s Embarrassing.

Every conversation that involves the words β€œprostate” or β€œtesticular” is going to get a little personal, and that can be uncomfortable. It can be even harder to have conversations about depression and emotional health concerns. Remember that your doctor is a professional who will never share your information with anyone who does not need it.

4. We Are Tough.

Many of the health professionals link the poorer health conditions of men to their attitude to take risks. Men are more likely to β€œtough out” illness, because admitting to illness equals to weakness according to the male mentality. They prioritize work over treatment and very rarely discuss their health issues with someone else.

5. Masculinity Is Lost.

Many men feel that going to the Doctor is a chick thing, but one has to remember that eventually women live longer. It’s true that waiting rooms are scattered with magazines that are mainly aimed at women folks but many of the medical assistants and physicians are men.

6. There Just Isn’t The Time.

Most men log in extra hours at the office with the competition at the workplace growing and targets needing to be reached, weekend meetings and post six working is a must. Men are using this as an excuse to avoid visiting the doctor, but all it takes is 30 minutes for a visit and that not impossible. Or you can just find a doctor near your office that you can go to during the lunch break.

7. Denial.

MostΒ men admit that they do not want to go see a doctor because they areΒ afraid of finding out something was wrong with them. This denial can lead to severe consequences which may be difficult to cure in the future.

8. You Don’t Realize The ImportanceΒ OfΒ Prevention.

You don’t have to be sick to come see the doctor and if you establish a relationship with them you have easy access when you do get sick. Once a year they can touch base with you to discuss age appropriate screening which will help you stay well.

9. YouΒ Feel Fine.

It’s good to feel fine, but you can feel fineΒ with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugars. Your mother or partnerΒ won’t feel fine when they are taking care of youΒ after you have a stroke. Don’t wait until you feel awful to come see us.

10.Β You Think TheyΒ Will Pick On You For Your Habits.

Drinking a 12 pack on the weekends, not exercising and eating bad foods, among other things. These things are not as uncommon as you might expect. Men are afraid that doctorsΒ will put themΒ on a long leash and let them pick and choose the habits to get rid of as needed.

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