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Puna Gabasiane Keeps The Fire Of Love Burning With Her Husband!

Many people think that after marriage the romance have to die, well that is not the case with Puna Gabasiane- Molale. The queen of Jazz’s valentine’s day was not a dull moment. She spent the day of love with her husband of 2 years, Mr Molale. As it is a norm for lovers to exchange gifts on this particular day, she decided to serenade her husband with her gift of talent, she dedicated a line from one of her songs from her Toro album to him.


The line goes a little something like:Β  Moratiwa yo ke moratang ke go rata ka pelo Yotlhe, ke go ratile ka o ntsere jaaka ke ntse, ke go ratile ka o intlhophetse go Nna wago. It loosely translates, My beloved lover, I love you whole heartedly. I have loved you because you have loved me for me and you have chosen me to be yours. A sweet message fit for a king.

Puna started singing at church at an early age, and she continued singing throughout my schooling years. She started with gospel, of which she got an award for, and was later introduced to Jazz by our own renowned Jazz producer Soares Katumbela and she has never looked backwards since. We wish you the best in your marriage Mr and Mrs Molale.

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