Agreement On The Exemption Of Visa Requirement Between The Republic Of Botswana and The Federative Republic Of Brazil

GABORONE, 09 SEPTEMBER 2022: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that on 26th July 2022, the Government of Botswana and the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil signed an agreement on Exemption of Visa Requirements for nationals of the two countries.

To that effect, all Batswana with valid travel documents who DO NOT intend to work, study or reside in Brazil shall be exempt from the requirements to obtain a visa to enter, stay, exit or transit through Brazil.

The duration of each stay shall not exceed ninety (90) days within each period of 365 days. Any travel to Brazil for a period exceeding ninety (90) days shall be required to obtain a visa.

This agreement offers an opportunity for Batswana to travel to and explore Brazil for business, tourism, visiting or transit purposes.

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