Black Monday Movement Honouring The Girl Child- I shall Not Forget!

Following the recent Sebina child pregnancy issue, concerned citizens have taken it up in arms to address child abuse in this country. The movement which is dubbed Black Monday- I Shall Not Forget is aimed at sensitizing the nation about the vulnerability of our minor citizens.


Spearheaded by local celebrities including jazz singing sensation, Kearoma Rantao, this movement on its first day is already gaining momentum withΒ 4500 members and still growing.Β Their Facebook group calledΒ Women and Men against all sexual abuse of children, where people can share ideas and the way forward, is the main platform of discussion.

All Batswana are encouraged to wear all black every Monday, with a blue stop child abuse ribbon to show their support against all forms of child abuse.Β The Sebina saga is a wake up call that more and more children are sexually abused everyday in this country. Many people are now sharing personal experiences of their encounter with abuse. Let us protect the girl child against abuse.

Rules Of TheΒ Women and Men against all sexual abuse of children Group.

1. Suggest the group to people who have today shown an interest in bring justice on the matter.

2. All those interested in being admin are welcome

3. Anyone who has contacts with human rights and activist groups please declare and be Β liason

4. Lets be respectful and courteous to each other. We are angry and concerned but lets try and be civil

5. No politics. In terms of policy making and implementations we are free to criticise government. But lets leave parties out. (it will dilute our lives message and give the idea that if those on another side effect o this we will not act. Because we will)

6. Lets set date

7. Lets suggest sponsors to be approached

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