BOMU appoints Women’s Wing Sub-Committee.

The Botswana Musicians Union Nation Executive Committee has appointed the BOMU Women’s Wing. Not only have the Nation Executive Committee found that the music industry is at pains to survive the current global pandemics including Covid β€” 19 but also that the music industry needs to take an active role on issues of Gender Based Violence and deliberate empowerment programs and projects.

The resolution was further emphasised by a need to attend to rising concerns on sexual abuse against female musicians who at most times find themselves within a so male dominated industry, to survive they are subjected to sexual abuse and associated gender-based harassments. The concerns raised are not only domestic, but are also within those authorities and power personalities using their positions to hire female artists. Such individuals within various institutions; both Government, Private and Parastatals expect, solicit and indeed demand sexual favours before they could hire some of the female musicians. This disturbing trend has been going on for some time and it is our deliberate intention that the BOMU Women’ Wing makes it amongst their top priorities.

The Womens. Wing has been assigned appointed to advocate and protect the well-being of female musicians which includes Gender Equality Advocacy. As a subcommittee, their role is to further advocate and attain fair and equal female representation in BOMU committees and structures. It is also their assigned duty to advocate and strive for equal accessibility and right to service offered in creative space. This sub-committee has also been assigned to have deliberate and inclusive initiatives geared at Female Artists Living with Disability and to appoint a representation of the same to the Women’s Wing, so their rights are equally not only exercised but more importantly protected.

The Chairperson of the BOMU Women’s Wing is Ms. Zenzele Hirschfield. Other members of the Committee are: Philadelphia Ms. C. 0 Motladiile (Vice Chairperson). Ms. Unami UnaCell Selelo (Secretary). Mrs. Nnunu Bomolerno Ramogotsi Neill (Treasure). Ms. Magdalene Charma Gal Lesolobe (Additional Member). Ms. Rati Saint (Additional Member). Ms. Neo Lekomela (Additional Member). Ayanda Sugar Plum Letsholo (Additional Member). Ms. Chinyepi Seeletso Member). Though reporting directly to the office of the Secretary General, the Women’s Wing will work on daily basis with both: Ms. NoNo Siile and Mrs. Gloria Dwikiti who are BOMU National Executive Committee and will be representing the same.

Source: Rasina Winfred Rasina (BOMU Secretary General)

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