Botswana Celebrates 100 Days Before Independence Day.

Today Botswana is commemorating 100 days to 50th Independence celebrations. This special day was launched this morning Β from 0815 am starting with a walk from the bus rank. The day proceeded with a variety of activities at the main mall the whole morning and will move to the national stadium grounds in the afternoon.


Activities Of The Day Include:

-Procession from Gaborone Bus Rank to Main Mall
-Keynote address by Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Hon. Mr. Thapelo Olopeng

We have come a long way as a country, and this year it is our time to look back, reflect and celebrate. As much as we are not where other African countries are in terms of development, we still remain a politically stable country, and we have a steady economy that has been sustaining us all these years. It’s time to celebrate.

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