Botswana Student Network Launch A Young Professionals Branch

Botswana Student Network this past weekend launched the young professionals branch for Tertiary graduates. This branch facilitates the transition of tertiary graduate into the work/business environment or whatever students venture into.

Having noted that some students don’t even know if they want to work or go into entrepreneurship, or just sit home. this organization has decided to come up with a platform to address just that. If you are a frustrated tertiary graduate failing to transition, the branch is your branch.

Botswana Student Network is an information platform advocating for an informed and educated nation as in accordance with one of Botswana government’s vision 2016 goals. Botswana Student Network believes in sharing and thus its goal is to expose to those who are less privileged opportunities that are relevant to the individual student’s personal empowerment.

To know more or join the Branch please contact: 76502284_ Ndulamo

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