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Bruce Nkgakile Dumps BDP

Bruce Nkgakile Dumps BDP

The former Former Botswana Democratic Party’s Youth League Treasurer, Bruce Nkgakile has left the party, months after he was suspended on allegations of theft and misusing party funds.

Bruce has told The Voice Newspaper that he leaves the party with a heavy heart and that there are many party members who are aggrieved by his departure but cannot do anything.

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing. So I chose to disassociate with this party as it no longer serves my interests. Never at any day did I for a second think that I would look for an alternative political party.”

He has disclosed that the party officials have denied him a chance to contest for  Mogoditshane Primary elections and that a new committee was appointed and endorsed even before the appeal period for suspended members elapsed. He was suspended from his position for two years which he says is a serious threat to his political career.

He added that he still  loves BDP and  always will, but this it is no longer the same that he was introduced to by Sir Ketumile Masire and became a life member.


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