BTO hosting representatives of the Blindfolded International School Cultural Exchange Project

BTO had the pleasure of hosting the 10 Miami Students who arrived in Botswana recently on a 2-Week Cultural Exchange Programme under the Blindfolded International Student Cultural Exchange Project (BISCEP).
For a taste of Botswana’s rich culture and heritage that goes back in time for centuries the students were hosted at the Bahurutshe Cultural Village in Mmankgodi where they were surrounded by nature, fascinating history, and incredible local cuisine.

They watched a demonstration of a traditional wedding where two families within the Bahurutshe village became one and participated in a celebration of harvest (Dikgafela) in which girls got to dress up in traditional skirts (Mateisi) and shawls and presented grains and seeds to the village chief, which was followed by merry singing and dancing, all this as part of the Kgotla; a public meeting in the village that is led by the chief.

The Bahurutshe Cultural Village is 35km in a south westerly direction from Gaborone in the heart of the hills of Mmankgodi, which are well-known for their concentration of rocky and forest lands. The Bahurutshe Cultural Village provides an authentic Setswana experience with an innovative cultural village, camping grounds and chalets designed to resemble African huts with genuine decorated mud walls, stone floors and thatch roofs. Visitors are greeted and bid farewell with the trademark Setswana ululations.
Blindfolded International Student Cultural Exchange Project
Ledumang Senior School

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