BW music group of the century,KTM Choir

Over the year so many music groups in the country have been founded but most of them have since lapsed back into falling. During the test of time and adversity Botswana music groups always find the exit door than the door into progessiveness. Today we bring you ome of the most consistent music group of the whole centiry that have been troed and tested but still stays rocking.

KTM Choir named after a patriotic of note Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete was founded by Gomolemo Motswaledi and other persons in 1993. This ywar they are celebrating a silver jubilee. Since their inception they have been standing tall. They have lost members to death and other life endevours but soldiering on is a necessity. They have produces great musicians along the way in the likes of Punah, Nnunu and Lizibo.

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