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Dan Kenosi deserts Batswana

A local community journalist and socialite, Daniel ‘Dan’ Kenosi has deserted his eager and curious followers.

The socialite announced today morning that he will no longer feed them with information on the heated issue regarding the Range Rover accident. He posted today early morning on his Facebook page;


Upon thorough investigations I noticed that I’m highly conflicted on the RR matter.

I withdraw from it due to conflicts of interests.

Now I understand what is meant when they say don’t post any accidents you come across until you are sure that your family is safe and not part of that accident you are sharing.

I will leave it to other journalists. Blood is thicker than Facebook.”

Kenosi had previously indicated that he will spill the beans regarding the accident, which he then said he has all the details. “I will give full details behind this accident shortly.” he wrote. Few moments after posting, the pictures and promising to share the details shortly, he again posted a screenshot where he was pleaded not to share the details of the accident as that would ruin families.

Two days later, that is today in the morning, as his followers were eager and looking forward to getting the full details, they were met with a disappointment as Kenosi revealed that he will no longer post anything regarding the accident.
According to reports, a week ago, a black Range Rover crashed onto a screen wall of Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) at Gaborone west at night. A black Range Rover is rumoured to be owned by one of the prominent people, hence the much interest. Further, the talk doing the rounds has it that the said individual was in the act of cheating while the accident happened.

While the details of the accident remain sketchy, Kenosi’s followers accuse him of receiving a bribe in order to remain silent.

Daniel ‘Dan’ Kenosi is well-known for throwing jabs at politicians, the government, and prominent people with allegations of corruption, misadministration, abuse of office as well as their dark dealings, be it personal or professional.

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