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“Doesn’t #KGANTELE deserve to be nominated?” – Amantle Brown

Amantle Brown is not happy that her latest single, “Kgantele” has not been nominated on this year’s BOMU awards.

The song, “Kgantele” meaning “later” in English, in which she featured Mod of MMP family did not get nominated for any category. Amantle Brown released “Kgantele” in February this year, and the song got its fair share of popularity at the time.

Taking her frustration to Facebook, Amantle Brown posted, “Where does one register to be an artist in Botswana? It looks as if some of us are squatting. Doesn’t #KGANTELE deserve to be nominated? I’m just saying. Why did you not nominate it? Hasn’t it been said that let your work speak for you? You want me to talk too much, then you label me as talkative. You take people for granted. You know yourselves. I am fed up”

With the song, some of the possible nominations were: Song of the year, Best Female Artist, Best Duo, Best Video, and Best Collaboration. Unfortunately for Amantle Brown, of all these five (5) possible categories, her hit was not good enough in the eyes of the judges.

Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards for this year are currently faced with opposition as some artists feel they are not fair. While some artists feel the nominations are not fair and that some artists are being favored some are against the union itself. A group of artists, calling themselves Botswana Concerned Artists have yesterday took it to the streets calling for stoppage of the BOMU awards.

According to the artists, BOMU is not fair. Moreover, they are of the view that the Union is not compliant to the set guidelines by registrar of societies. In light of this, Botswana Concerned Artists want the awards to stop as the government have poured a lot of money into an “illegal” Union. The artists have threatened to seek legal intervention to force the awards not to take place.

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