Download Vee’s New Single ‘Khubama Re Itshebe’

Download Vee’s New Single ‘Khubama Re Itshebe’

Vee Mampeezy has announced on social media that they have found the lost disc they have been locking for. Well we are not very sure about that as he has announced before that they will be releasing the songย  and shooting the video today.

The song is out and it is already playing on radio. ‘Khubama Re Itshebe’ was supposed to be released on a later date but since they lost a disc which had the song, his record label, Universal Music gave him the go ahead to drop the single before it was leaked elsewhere and he was also allowed to use local producers on the song and also shoot the video locally which will be the first in three years. He has been shooting videos to his singles in South Africa.

To hear Mampeezy’s latest offering download it here;

Download linkย ?

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