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Drake Gives Away Nearly $1M Of New Song’s Video Budget

Drake Gives Away Nearly $1M Of New Song’s Video Budget

Drake’s new music video for “God’s Plan” is making waves, but not just because of his chart-topping song.

Rather, it’s because the rapper gave away the project’s entire $996,631.90 budget, which he chronicles throughout the video. “Don’t tell the label…” the opening credits read.

The next six minutes feature Drake handing out stacks of cash to people on the street, delivering toys to the children of Miami’s Lotus House, surprising a family with a brand new car and providing a scholarship to a student at the University of Miami, among other acts of kindness.


This comes on the heels of the rapper performing seemingly random good deeds all over Miami, including taking a hotel maid on a shopping spree and footing the bill for an entire grocery store’s worth of shoppers.

The video turns on its head the stereotype of rappers taking over Miamito drink and party. It may also be a callback to an old feud with 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke, who once called out Drake and other rappers for partying in Miami without investing anything into it, as W points out.

The idea to use a music video budget to give away money is reminiscent of what pop punk band Blink 182 did with the $500,000 check allotted for their video for “The Rock Show” in 2001. That video features the band handing out cash on the streets of California and paying for haircuts for the homeless. But unlike Drake, Blink 182 blew the majority of the cash on not-so-charitable things like smashing cars and hiring strippers.

Drake’s not the only one giving back in substantial ways. Here are three other musicians who have also shared their fortunes.

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