Dramaboi to make Cingar burn tonight

Dramaboi will be the man of the moment tonight at Cigar Lounge. He will be hoping to make Gaborone cold-crawlers to yearn for him with his music. The rapper who is apparently esthetic will be giving some of his treats he was mixed. The young motswako rapper is one of the young musicians who have been in the industry for long and continue to persist in giving Batswana.

Dramaboi has been facing strains as it has been alleged by some of the Gaberones. It is said that he has been having it difficult to get tenders to perform at events. These unconfirmed reports suggested that the rapper ended up calling it quits with God for this particular reason. A little below a month ago he went on rants with his Twitter followers alleging that there is no God. Dramaboi will also be performing at Gantsi tomorrow.

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