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“Dramaboi’s privacy violated” – Tshwanelang

Since his demise five (5) days back, the nation has been curious on what caused Dramaboi’s untimely death. Some speculated, some asked questions- today the sky got cleared, but still some argue it should not have.

This comes after the departed rapper’s mother, Boitumelo Ramphaleng, revealed that Dramaboi succumbed to an opportunistic infection that was a result of HIV. “My son has not been well for two years. The same disease that was found on him is the same disease that took him.” she lamented at her son’s memorial service at Molapo Piazza.

On his Facebook post, Setlhomo Raymond Tshwanelang, a criminologist, and a social media commentator noted;

“I see our Facebook comments has made it to Drama’s memorial and they have been responded to but not accordingly.

So let me clarify something here. I know most people living with HIV. Some are my close friends. Others are renowned HIV advocates, advisers and counsellors. These are men and women I greatly admire.

These are men and women who sat down, thought about it and decided to come openly about their HIV status. They knew the stigma and all that was to come their way and they are living with it and making a positive change.

I however do not think it will be fair for them and their clients to find that their HIV status has been disclosed without their consent. I very much doubt that they’ll be happy or any of us will be if their health status was to be revealed without their consent. This will violate one’s privacy, alive or dead.

There is a reason the death certificate is only issued to the family of the deceased, not the general public. Sadly, we now see Drama’s memorial being used to soil his memory & a response to social media comments which were never about what killed him. We now see Drama’s memorial being turned into a rally of some sort.

But the issue has never been about what killed Drama. It was about madi a matshediso which some of us don’t want to give to the mom. We knew Drama had a short illness.

It was evident when he was still alive that he was going through a rough time but it is shocking for his status to be revealed in the manner it has been. It is shocking. It has violated his privacy, that of his girlfriend and kids.”

On the other hand, others believe there is nothing wrong with Dramaboi’s mother’s revelation about his son’s HIV status. They believe Dramaboi’s girlfriend’s privacy and that of his children have not been violated as those kind of matters are normally discussed and agreed upon by the family before being announced.

Meanwhile, Dramaboi will be laid to rest tomorrow at his home village, Mochudi, at Makakatlela ward.

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