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EasyB Apologises To The HCC Fans

EasyB Apologises To The HCC Fans

Promoter of the popular Home Coming Concert, DJ Easy B, has apologised for this year’s near flop tenth edition. He took to social media toΒ  mention various reasons why the event did not live up to people’s standards.

We would like to extend our apologies to our HCC attendants and would also like to provide some much needed explanations.

1- With regard to allowing cooler boxes with KBL brands only, this was due to the fact that we were bound by a contract signed late between HCC and KBL! As KBL was a partner.

It was announced on our page on the day that cooler boxes will be free but only with KBL brands.

2- With regard to Black Motion performing late, they had arranged for a private jet to fly them into the country, but there was no one to stamp their passports at the Botswana side. The person only arrived at 4am and only then they drove to mahalapye and made it for their performance as promised.

3- Power cut at 4:30am, we hired a sound company to provide sound, stage, lighting and back up power. We had hired Audio tech to handle the above. It was beyond HCC’s control.

4- Naak Musiq wanted to join HCC as he is always apart of it. We had agreed, but the other events he was booked at didn’t agree. At first everything was ok, then things changed.

We would like to sincerely apologize as it was not our intentions to let our supporters down. We try and learn from every mistake and we will work to ensure it never happens again.

We have also realized that we need an alternative venue.

We thank you for your Continued support! With out you there is no HCC!

Once again thank you for your support!

Many people were unhappy because they were not aware of the fact that certain drinks will not be allowed in the venue.. And then Black Motion did not do their performance on time and there was a power cut early in the morning.

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