Facts You Should Know About Botswana Public Employees Union

The Botswana Public Employees Union has a long history as a labour organization.It started as staff association as far back as 1942, then known as Bechuanaland Protectorate Junior Civil Service Association. It transformed over the years until it became known as Botswana Public Employees Union in 2007.



Labour Representation

BOPEU represents members in labour issues through the Industrial Relations Department which additionally provides training and education.

The Industrial Relations Department provides assistance to its membership in various Employment Relations issues such as:

  • Unfair labour practices
  • Ill treatment at the workplace
  • Unfair transfers and re-deployments
  • Promotions, progressions and upgrading grievances
  • Training queries
  • Representation at disciplinary hearings
  • Β Representations at Mediation and Arbitration
  • Representation at the Industrial court, High court and Court of appeal
  • Offer you advises and guidance on daily work issues as well as how to respond to disciplinary letters
  • Unfair dismissals

The Business Wing: Babereki Investments (PTY) LTD.

  • Babereki Investments (Proprietary) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of BOPEU. Babereki was incorporated by BOPEU in 2005 in order to de-link the business from the advocacy role of the union.
  • The overarching objective is to create a long term value for its members in order to uplift improve their lives, thereby making the Unions increasingly relevant.

The union is led and administered by the Central Executive Committee as provided for by the union constitution.

BOPEU has introduced a Bursary scheme for members to upgrade their qualifications to match the requisites set in the schemes of service. The sponsorship is in the form of a P10, 000.00 maximum loan with 1% monthly interest rate and payable over 2 years.


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