Fall in love with Broken Magic by Kaylow

14 October 2022, Johannesburg, South Africa – Kelello Segoana known as Kaylow has given South Africans plenty of joy with his soulful vocals on various House Music favourites like Settle Down with Junior Taurus, Happy For You with DJ Sumbody and his debut hit single Soul Cafe. This time the vocal extraordinaire tugs at our heartstrings with a must-listen and highly anticipated EP, Broken Magic.

The South African born crooner drops his much awaited new body of work on Friday 14 October 2022, which tells his tale of love and celebrates all its imperfections, its metamorphosis through the ups and downs on the quest to finding the ultimate love story. With a smooth and soulful sound, Broken Magic is set to reignite love.

The eight track project kicks off with Magic, a soulful ode to the love he has for his dream woman. He speaks of how all he sees is magic in the air whenever he is in her presence. 24 Hours will have you slow dancing and reminiscing on wanting your loved one around all the time.Next up is Loving where he is unsure whether his dream girl feels the same about him but once he learns she does, he expresses how he can’t be without her and she is all he is loving right now. In Love  journeys through the β€œhigh highs” of love, where all that exists in their world is their love and commitment to each other.

The second half of the record features Congratulate, which celebrates his pride in his girl, and considers himself fortunate for having her in his life. Please Don’t Go wanders through the murky waters of the β€œlow lows” of love, he is appealing for her to forgive him and stay. Staying on the journey through the darker side, At Broken finds him trying to mend fences with his dream girl.

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