Fanilo Francis Chidoda – Mentor

My name is Fanilo Francis Chidoda, I hail from Botswana, from a village called Mosojane 5km from Masunga in the North East region of the country, I was raised in Mahalapye and later moved to Lobatse where IΒ completed my Secondary Education. I later went to commence my studies at University Of Botswana, there I did my two years in Bachelor Of Sciences with the hope of pursuing a career in Medicine until that dream was shuttered when I didn’t do well to meet the requirements for External Placement. Then I decided to switch careers as advised by my long term mentor and I saw myself developing a passion for business. I went on to further my education along the lines of business related courses, I did my Diploma in Business Management and Bcom Accounting at Midrand Graduate Institute and Unisa.

From the business side of things, I have a couple of projects under my portfolio and will briefly share what we do. In Pretoria i have a DryClean and Laundry services company under the name of RHK DryCleaners which is based in Centurion in a suburban complex called RHK Centrum. I bought into this shop 4years back as it was struggling and i obtained 50% shares and later on bought out my partner and joined forces with a close relative and we built the brand to 300K value and over 50clients doing walk in business and 5major contracts including 2events management companies, two Guest Houses and a Hospital contract of the value of 13M which is currently under negotiations. I am also currently working with partners in Botswana on producing one of the best business publications in the country under the name of Royal Business Magazine, its been two years working on the project and its still at the marketing and Networking Phase. During the two years we have a accomplished a great deal of work on the ground, we have networked with the likes of KBL, Motor Centre, GDSMI, My Spar and a couple of local media organisations including those in the broadcasting industry.

I also have keen interest in the Digital Market, and have been running a few projects there besides the brick and mortar businesses, me and a partner recently joined forces on developing a system that notifies people of tenders across Africa, and its hosted under the portal Tender Notice of which he is the founder and we came to an agreement i do the business development and we grow the business from Botswana to South Africa then East Africa and eventually Globally. We have managed to penetrate the Southern Africa Market as we speak with over 100 clients on our database. The idea is to bridge the gap between suppliers and their customers and we are slowly getting there as the business is showing tremendous growth and has great potential all together.

The other two business i do digitally isΒ  Network Marketing and Digital Marketing under my new company called eGrowth, which was recently launched and it has been subcontracted by CSK Gas Distributors to do its Marketing which will be rewarded by some market share acquisition depending on delivery of market growth brought in by eGrowth. CSK Gas Distributors is a Gas Distribution Company Based in West Johannesburg currently under its infant stage, distributing about 36tonnes/month of Gas Nationwide in South Africa and Botswana, it boasts of 2 Gas Tanker Trucks and 4 one tonne trucks and employs 12 people.

I am interested in mentoring young people in Bostwana


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