Government To Ensure Zero Transmission Says Mr TSOGWANE

The Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane says that government aims to ensure that there is zero transmission of the COVID-19 virus in Botswana. Speaking at a donors’ ceremony held at the Office of the President gardens, VP Tsogwane said Botswana’s efforts to fight the pandemic were visible given the low number of transmission.

He noted that cross border carrying of goods remains a challenge, however government continues to facilitate safe transportation.

The business community and Batswana from all walks of life have remained steadfast in making donations to the COVID Relief Fund. At this ceremony a total of P3 704 550.00 in cash was donated as well as in kind donations that totaled P5 490 895.03.


1. BDF Intake 44 of 1996 & BDF Golf Club P 32,000.00

2.American Business Council P 25,000.00

3.Assemblies of God in Botswana P 54,150.00

4. Key Man Ventures P 15,000.00

5. Morgan Agencies & Gabz Bedding P 50,000.00

6. Phuthego ya ga Keresete P 33,400.00

7. RK Accountants P 10,000.00

8. Sargam Indian Music Group P 100,000.00

9. Dulux Botswana P 250,000.00

10.Botswana China General Chamber of

Commerce P 3,135,000.00

TOTAL CASH P 3,704,550.00


1. UNAIDS P 451,827.03

2. MITI Parastatals P 1,389,068.00

3. Trans Africa P 3,3650,000.00

TOTAL IN KIND P 5,490,895.03

The total value of donations was P9,195,445.03

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