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“Hands off Chengeta” – Dan Kenosi

Ndinaye Chengeta has been subjected to critisism for what has been termed “Pyramid scheme”. While the issue has attracted a lot of attention from most renowned social media commentators, most were against Chengeta’s operations.

However, Daniel ‘Dan’ Kenosi has a different view on the matter. According to Kenosi, it is too early to judge Chengeta harshly. Kenosi believes that “If there is anything wrong with Chengeta and friends business model, they will call a meeting as they usually do at the farm and solve it.” In Kenosi’s view, “there is still room for this to be fixed” if there is a need to. “So I believe Chengeta and his friends will have their usual off Facebook meeting without street advocates and market experts from filling station universities who didn’t even contribute a cent.” he asserted.

According to Kenosi what Chengeta did by providing the youth with land and resources for food production is commendable. He said that mentioning how the government has for a long time failed to offer land to the youth. The crowdfunding was initiated by Chengeta sought to promote food security through agriculture.

“Chengeta has provided resources that the 100 year old BDP fails to provide (ha gona lehatshe) [there is no land]. Crowd funding works best if done very well. Google who owns Ceres juice you drink everyday from SA and you will be shocked. Many dairy products from SA also.” he charged.

However, Kenesi is of the view that answered should be sought, he believes that in the public’s interest, after holding a meeting, Chengeta and initiatives participants should call a Press Conference.

“We should demand answers. Ba ga Chengeta le bone a ba tshware [Chengeta and company should hold a] meeting, thereafter call a press conference and tell us what they agreed upon going forward, from that we can then proceed to demand answers.” he suggested.

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