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Hardrock Explains His Unusual Outfit

Yesterday was a field day on social media as people were giving comments on Kabelo Mogwe’s latest picture where he dressed as a Mascot. A lot of people made fun of the Culture Spears lead singer saying this coming winter ain’t got nothing on him, while others were blaming his divorce on his weird dress sense.

He decided to set matters straight and explain to his fans that he was only dressing up like that for fun. He sarcastically laughed if off and said the picture is trending because people love him and can’t get enough of him. Kabelo explained that he was preparing a family fun day with his nephews and nieces, henceforth he put on that Mascot gear.

His diehard fans did not need this explanation though, as they feel he has the right to wear anything that he wants anywhere. They argue that Batswana have not let the man have peace of mind ever since his widely publicized divorce. Whatever the case, he did break the internet today, and that is what being a celebrity is all about. Good job KB!

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