Highlights Of The BITC Business Opportunity Show – Energy

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre exist tactically and innovatively to promote Botswana as a leading destination to visit, live in, to invest and trade in Africa, with a focus on accelerated economic growth and diversification, employment creation and export development.


BITC Business Opportunities

1. Botswana has a variety of energy resources including solar power, bio-fuel and coal.
2. Botswana has abundant coal resources located mainly in the east of the country and many with reasonable access to the A1 highway.
3. Coal presents many opportunities:
A. Coal can be mined and sold as is. There is high demand in India and China. BITC help their registered clients with access to such international markets.
B. Coal can be processed into various products such as petroleum products, bitumen, cement. BITC assist such manufacturing clients with various services including licensing and factory space.
C. Coal can be used to produce electricity. There is high demand for power in Botswana and in the SADC region. The SADC region is easy to access because the countries share the power grid.

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