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“I Will Never Ever In My Life MC For Peanuts!” Dollar Mac

Born Kgosi Kgosidintsi better known as Dollar Mac is a radio veteran of note, with 15Β years experience. He can very well be considered one of the pioneering presenters of Yarona FM, since he has been there from the word go. Just like most people in the entertainment industry, the veteran is not happy about the payments they receive as artists.


“For us to succeed as artists, we gotta: Set our prices and take our craft seriously. I will never ever in my life MC for peanuts!” He said this on Twitter. He has encouraged other artists to know their worth.Β Besides being known as a phenomenal radio personality, he shines under the light of a businessman, coveted M.C, and a media powerhouse. Our country is among the poorest when it comes to supporting those in the entertainment industry.

His reputation for being a quirky, mischievous and easy-going guy behind the microphone has earned him loyal fans that not only listen to his afternoon drive-time show. He went on to say that he will rather work for charity than be taken for granted. Most of his followers who are in the same industry, couldn’t agree more.

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