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Is Isaac Makwala’s Life In Danger? His Coach Also Robbed Expensive Gifts He Got For Him

Isaac Makwala’s life might be in danger. Last weekend Coach Justice Dipeba allegedly threw a party for his athletes and when the party ended on the wee hours of the morning, an intruder came in and robbed the coach getting away with some watches that Makwala bought for his coach as gifts.

The robber who was found who was found in the house by Coach Dipeba after seeing the last guest off who happened to be Makwala got away with the Mrs. Dipeba’s wedding and cash also.

The coach believes that the robber was not really after him but Makwala. He told the media that the intruder might have mistaken him for Makwala, as the athlete was the last to leave his house after the party. Before fleeing the scene the intruder said he will check for Dipeba’s wallet in his BMW sedan. β€œI do not own a BMW, Makwala does, I do not understand if he thought Makwala was residing there or what, it is all a mystery to me.”

Makwala also said that he is worried about his safety and always have to be careful. He also believes the robber believed he stayed at the coach’s place. He also disclosed that the wacthes he got for the coach costed about P100 000.

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