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It ends in tears for LaTimmy

The humourous “It will end in tears” phrase has materialized in reality for LaTimmy or DJ Timmy as he is popularly known in the music circles. For the “Nanzala Vuke” and “Refilwe” hits-maker, it appears “Refilwe” would not go back home to give the marriage another chance.

Speaking recently through a public notice yesterday, Timothy “DJ LaTimmy” Sabuta revealed that he and his wife of six (6) years have amicably agreed to partways.

“My wife and I have amicably decided and agreed to end our 6-years union. Through the support of our families, relatives and friends, the journey has been guided by love, support and most important dialogue. Your support during this difficult journey is counted on as always. We thank you for your love in all the years we have been together and we look forward to more love as we both begin new chapters in our lives. We have nothing more to say on this subject and hope our privacy will be respected during this difficult time.” LaTimmy announced.

While many are making fun of the artist’s failed marriage, some gave words of courage. Some blame the failure of the marriage on the long closure of the entertainment activities. The activities are prohibited due to Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) protocols. It has been more than a year now since the ban on entertainment activities was introduced. The ban has affected the creative industry severely as artists cannot sustain themselves and families as they used to.

In support of LaTimmy, Setlhomo Raymond Tshwanelang, a local criminologist and social commentator asserted, “I see many people are kicking you. Many are mocking and laughing at you. A sad nation we have become. This is because most of us were raised in environments where a husband and wife are supposed to fight during the divorce process. So the expectation was that you and your ex-wife will fight but you disappointed us. This is the reason we are kicking you. The problem isn’t you it’s us as a society. We are angry, we are bitter. So don’t worry, it will be alright. Everything that has the beginning has an end. You have yours and many shall have theirs.”

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