Jazz up with Punah

The new Punah Gabasiane-Molale album dubbed “Jazzing Up” has gotten to be an instant killer on its own way. The singer who has been in the music industry for many years now is said to have implored a lot of work on what she wanted to be a part of the album make-up. Though, many have rubbish it off saying that it is nothing like what she used to produced the songs such as Kgomo are a killer.

The song “Kgomo” is said to be used or rather signifies how important a cow is to Batswana. The singer has been heard saying that a cow can be used to pay lobola, build universities as well as take a child to school hence being a significant part of the Tswana culture. In the album, Punah brings a new feel to her music “Jazz Up” is in English something which has never been in the singer’s style of delivery. The former KTM Choir member’s album is said to be selling at P100.

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