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Khumo Kgwaadira’s Who Am I To Launch Poetry Sessions

Khumo Kgwaadira’s Who Am I To Launch Poetry Sessions

WHO AM I, an organisation founded by media personality Khumo KgwaadiraΒ to build self-awareness will be hostingΒ Β its first ever poetry sessions at Molapo Crossing Rooftop on March 9.

Missgeekays has told the media that poets dontΒ Β usually get the platforms they deserve unlike musicians and comedians who get a lot of airtime and TV shows which is why they saw it fit to host this kind of event. The event is expected to be held after every two months.

She has also added that poetry is a powerful tool and an important art form for any age group citing that during the poetry sessions she would be engaging with other local artists in the arts and culture industry.

WHO AM I also has two other initiatives coupled with the poetry sessions that share the same mandate to tap into issues of self-identity and youth empowerment.

These include the Who Am I School Tour which is a nationwide secondary school tour aimed to inspire student communities, and Who Am I breakfast sessions which build a culture of empowerment amongst women.

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