Ladies hair cuts that stays winning

With just winter about to dawn on us, it is expected that ladies will be shedding off that hair that has been keeping them warm during the winter season. Staff Writer Dimpho Legoreng today makes an analysis on some of the ladies hair cuts that are most likely to remain relevant and winning this coming summer.


It has become a commonplace for women to want to look hot and sizzling with something short. What makes this hairstyle a killer is that it helps one to stay clean yet getting the freshness they wished for in their scalps. Mature office mamas are most likely to resonate with this one because of its simplicity, they are a crop of individuals that usually do not want to be associated with anything hectic but still value looking the part.


With a clean cut line. a brush cut makes a lady look all sorts of flames. Oil well the brush can go with anything, keeping it black would be ideal because there is a line cut through the brush. Adding a color would make it look too much especially on a light skinned person. A gloss on the lips would also be appropriate to go with the oiled hair.


With curls, this hairstyle would fit well with the younger generation. It is the kind of a hairstyle would think of getting when they are a maid of honor in a wedding. Just have a look at it this way, with those decorated dresses in a tent also decorated, too fancy a hairstyle would be unnecessary, this then qualifies this kind of this cut to be the best especially now that the wedding season is upon us.

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