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Mariah Carey Still Shading J-Lo

When you have two talented divas who do not see eye to eye, expect havoc to happen. Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are still having their cat fight. The hatchet is soΒ far from buried, as the “I don’t know her” saga still continues.


We all remember the shade heard around the world! But for those of you who might not, back in the 2000s, Mariah CareyΒ totally dismissed Jennifer Lopez’s fame by saying:”I don’t know her.”Β Well, as you know history has a way of repeating itself, Β last week, Jenny from the Block finallyΒ clapped back at the soulful singer, jokingly calling her “forgetful” on the Wendy William’s show.

MiMi was not goingΒ to let anyone other than herself have the last word. LastΒ Monday night, the blonde babe was caught on camera leaving the Beverly Hilton Hotel and managed to bash J.Lo in the process.Β The vocal powerhouse kept the feud very much alive and well when she quipped:Β “I still don’t know her.” Ouch!

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