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Mingo Touch ‘Unconquerable’ Video Featuring Vee Mampeezy A Hit

Mingo Touch β€˜Unconquerable’ video featuring Vee Mampeezy a hit.After several weeks of keeping fans and followers on their toes, the much anticipated video track was released on all streaming platforms on 18 July 2020 and hit over 20 thousand Facebook views within 24hrs of its release.

Animoni β€˜Mingo Touch’ Mujokeri has been in the Botswana music industry for over a decade now, having gone through a lot of obstacles, wins and losses but never once considered quitting as an option. He got into a muddy spell with the true godfather of Kwaito, Kagiso β€˜Vee mampeezy’ Sento a while back but the two were able to re-unite and make music together.

In 2018, Mingo Touch announced to the public that he had done and seen it all and it was time he closed the curtains on his career to focus on his ministerial duties at Christ Embassy church. While he has not completely stopped singing, the Kwaito-Kwasa sensation produces gospel songs as they align with his new life path. This includes his latest collaboration with Vee Mampeezy, who too turned to a life of Christianity and producing gospel music.

The β€˜Tshaba Tsotsi’ hit-maker no longer performs in night clubs and other night-life social gatherings and as emphasis to his new found transformation. Mingo Touch launched his first gospel album, β€˜It’s all About Jesus’ on 10 March 2018 in a romantic setup as that was the same year and day he proposed to longtime sweetheart, Unami Katse live on stage.

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