Ministry Of Education’s Update On Target 20 000

The Ministry has not yet paid July and August allowances, and has some arrears in allowances for some students. The main reason is the long procedure involved in processing the allowances. Target 20 000 draws funds from HRDC, which has its own instructions to follow and unfortunately it affects our aim to pay allowances in time. If funds were coming from within, we wouldn’t be having this delay because the process wouldn’t be long.

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There is a budget for the program.

Target 20 000 is a unique program unlike the regular sponsorship. It only covers tuition fees and living allowances. Book allowances are not part of the coverage, and it has been explained to both the institutions and the students at the start of the program.

Tuition fees are being paid for all students enrolled through the program.Β Just like any new program, it experienced a few hiccups but these have been addressed except delays in disbursement of living allowances which we have not fully addressed.

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