Ministry Of Health Introduces 2 New Contraceptives

In order to curb unwanted pregnancies, the Ministry of Health has introduced two additional contraceptives to improve sexual and reproductive health. The newly introduced methods are contraceptive implants. They are the implanon NXT and Jadelle and the second one is the vaginal ring.


The idea behind the introduction of the contraceptives was to broaden the method mix and to increase the choice for the nation to continue the ministry’s endeavor to make health priority.Β The vaginal ring is a flexible ring that is placed inside the vagina to prevent pregnancy, it is also called Nuva ring. This method isΒ very effective if used consistently and correctly, and it has to be inserted once in a month before it was removed.

As for the implants, they are small flexible plastic rods measuring about 4cm which are inserted under the skin in the upper arm which was non dominant. The implanon NXT was effective for three years whereas the Jadelle could go up to five years.Β TheseΒ new methods could be used by almost every woman despite age and that are suitable for women who may be having challenges using other contraceptives.

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