Monna Yo Motona wants to go international

Social media personality and comedian Monna Yoo Motona is said to be on a drive to raise money for his debut comedy video. The young man has been garnering himself more likes than any other comedian in the country on his social media networks. He has gotten popular for imitating scenarios, professions and even a crop of individuals in the country.

At some point he has had to imitate and make Facebook go into laughter when he imitated who American Rapper do it as opposed to the locals. In one of his feats, he imitates local popular broadcaster Onkutlwile Thamage. He makes a match of how the reporter goes about in his work as compared to how reporters from renowned news channels perform their work. The 27 year old radio sensational has kick-started a campaign named β€œHelp me go international” which will be used to raise funds needed for the comedy video.

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