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Motswana in SABC presenter search dreams shortened

The road to the Top 8 SABC 3 presenter search was no easy one for Peelo Mookodi. The Botswana born beauty queen has been getting pats on the back from various Batswana for making it into the very few finalists of the SABC presenter search contest. Yesterday, Peelo’s dreams were cut short as she and another contestant were cut off the run for the presenter.

Peelo was hoping on making the media shake just like the Fergusons (Connie and Shona) who hail from Botswana but are making strides in South Africa. Peelo joins Naledi Williers who just like her has been a contestant in one of the most prestigious beauty queen pageants in the country who is taking part in the Johannesburg real housewives. Peelo was the first beauty queen for the only ever staged Miss Africa pageant for Botswana.

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