National Stadium And Francistown Sports Complex Connected With Wi-Fi

On another BOT5o development, BOFiNet has connected the National Stadium with Wi-Fi in Gaborone and the Francistown Sports Complex.Β This is part of the Bot50 celebrations that will culminate with Independence eve activities and Independence Day celebrations on September 30, 2016.


In addition to connecting the two stadiums, all Botswana Hotspots will be free from 0600 hours to 2359 hours on September 29 to 30. This will enable those who will be celebrating the Golden Jubilee to have access to Wi-Fi and stay connected as they enjoy the festivities. People will connect with the rest of the world through such mediums like Facebook, Twitter and the like.

The Wi-Fi which will appear as BOT50 HOTSPOT on devices, will provide good coverage within the parameters of the stadiums allowing users to connect to a speed of 2Mbps when the stadiums are at full capacity. All the more reasons for you to be at these 2 places!

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