Nexus Grants for Innovation (G4I) 2013: Proposals Invited!

Deadline: August 31, 2013

The call for proposals is now open for the Nexus Grants for Innovation (“G4I”). The Grants for Innovation (“G4I”) is designed to support the development of an outstanding innovation that both mitigates climate change and meets the needs of poor populations. G4I encourages innovation to scale up low-carbon technologies that contribute towards the Millennium Development Goals, including innovations which enable such projects to overcome financial, social and legal barriers.

Applications are invited from NGOs, social enterprises and other development-focused organizations. The Grant is US$60,000 per project; G4I will award up to two Grants in 2013.

Innovations are expected to:

  • have strong potential for social impact, in particular poor populations
  • have strong potential for climate change mitigation
  • be feasible for scale-up, or replication in other areas or countries
  • be built on a robust business model


  • Each application must have one Lead Applicant, and can have one or more Partners.
  • Entities eligible to apply as Lead Applicant are existing Members of the Nexus cooperative. If non‐Members wish to submit applications as the Lead Applicant, they may do so, however they are required to note that part of the selection process will include an assessment for membership into the Nexus co‐operative
  • The host country of the project must be in a poor, low‐income, or middle‐income country in Asia or Africa, including but not limited to: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Projects that demonstrate strong social impact for poor populations, and with high potential for climate change mitigation, are preferred.
  • All Entries must be in English.
  • Applications covering projects that have been awarded the Grants for Innovation in former nomination periods are not eligible.
  • Applications covering projects which are eligible for carbon finance, which are already contracted with other counterparties for carbon development, are not eligible, unless otherwise confirmed in writing by Nexus.

G4I is administered by Nexus-Carbon for Development, a non-profit cooperative of development organizations that support vulnerable communities by scaling up successful climate-friendly projects. Nexus Members are award-winning development organizations, including social enterprises and NGOs, recognized for their significant impact in their fields.

For any questions, please contact g4i@nexus‐c4d.org.

For more information, click here.

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